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Students Activities

An interior designer with out practical knowledge and hands on work experience in Interior designing cannot be considered a professional interior designer. Buildon Ideas institue of interior designing have framed their interior design courses giving more importance to practical knowledge along with the theories after constant improvements over the years. the main focus was given to develop better perspective to make the students become professionals and stand apart in the industry and face the ever growing challenges in the interior design industry.


Having this task in hand the students are given interesting live projects and case studies and periodic group discussions as a part of their interior design courses to get a hands on experience . They are also given informative industry visits and site visits to make them get a first hand interaction for understanding the new products, applications and their installation procedures. More over Buildon Ideas is a leading 3d architectural and Interior designing firm with more than 10 years of experience in the industry

Students Activities


The site was a residential project with the specialty of interlocked exposed brick walls and a beautiful mud house. The house was well framed with a beautiful ambiance and an enhanced natural pond.


Students were given a good briefing on how the mud house was built with bamboo reinforcement. The advantages of climatic control using the mud in the mud house and the exposed interlocked tiles in the house was clearly explained to them.


The second stage of this house have plans for a vegetable garden and a small poultry system which would fully accomodate the needs of veg and non veg diet for the family.