Creating a Traditional Kerala Style Resort in Blender | Tutorials | Architectural Visualization

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Creating a Traditional Kerala Style Resort in Blender | Tutorials | Architectural Visualization

Blender is a free and open source software free to use commercially without any charges for software.

Bender 2.8 is the release of blender that have all the precision modeling tools and industry standard render engines required to create photo realistic Architectural Visualizations and Interior design with professional quality.

The main tools in Blender 2.8 I have explained in this tutorial are

1. Solidify tool - for Creating walls and beams

2. Bevel profile using curves ( Path and profile) - for creating plinth, roof edge profiles etc..

3. Screw modifier - to create pillar

4. Bevel Edges - to create round shapes like charupady and sopanam

5. Boolean - to create window and door spaces on walls

6. Linking Blender files - Better practice for creating large scenes

7. How to effectively use Instancing ( Alt+D ) to reduce file size

8. Basic modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering and navigating tools and shortcuts.

9. Easier methods to create roofs, windows, pillars etc.. in Blender

This tutorial is an architectural visualization of a resort with traditional Kerala Style ( Followed in the state of Kerala Situated in Southern parts of India)

Malayalam Terms Used:

1. Sopanam - The welcoming design feature on either sides of Steps

2. Charupady - The back rest of the sitting area

3. Thinna - The sitting area

The main features of the traditional Kerala style resort depicted in this tutorial are Sopanam, charupady, pillar design, gable design, roof profile, plinth profile, terracotta roofing, laterite stone finish on walls etc..

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